Investment Strategy

We have approximately $160 million of capital under management. We are committed to long-term value creation that generates above average returns.

Identify Investment Opportunities

We continuously monitor macro-economic trends to identify investment opportunities, and we perform in-depth industry analysis and thorough due diligence prior to investing

Expertise & Understanding

We invest in businesses in which we have expertise and understanding

"Added Value"

We provide "added value" to portfolio companies in the form of strategic advice, relationships, and investment experience

Geographically Proximate

We focus on companies that are primarily located east of the Rockies

Lead Sponsor

We intend to be the lead sponsor in at least 70% of our investments

Maximize Deal Flow

We maximize deal flow by utilizing finders, advisors, former managers, investors, attorneys, accountants, and investment bankers -- and we pay finders fees

Maintain Open Communications

We maintain open communications with our business managers, intermediaries, investors, business partners, and employees

Opportunistic, Entrepreneurial Spirit

We foster an opportunistic, entrepreneurial spirit both within our firm and in the businesses in which we invest

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